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Dental Emergency Outside of Business Hours? CALL 911

If a severe injury occurs during our off-business hours, call 911 for help. Your dental health is important.

For Dental Emergencies During Business Hours:

Call 617.625.0543

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Sometimes, inconvenient and painful dental emergencies like a chipped tooth can require an emergency dentist to resolve. We get it- not everything involving dental health can be solved by scheduling an appointment ahead of time. These incidents happen without warning, are surprising, and very hard to prepare for. There truly isn’t anything fun about a dental emergency, and that’s why we’re here to offer services in the Somerville area.

Make no mistake: no one is immune to accidents. Dental accidents happen at the worst and most unexpected times. Perhaps you’re a construction worker and get hit in the mouth with a pipe, or maybe you slipped on a puddle of water in the kitchen and hit your mouth on the counter. Whatever the case may be, accidents happen and we will do our best to help you fix your problem with the utmost care.

Simply get in touch with us and we’ll bring you in as soon as we possibly can.

A Quality Emergency Dentist

West Somerville Dental Associates encourages you to get your issue fixed as soon as possible. The faster you get to us, the faster and easier we’ll be able to solve your problem. There are plenty of examples of situations that can end in painful, costly procedures if you wait too long. Take knocked out teeth for example- they have a chance to be saved if you get to us soon enough. Wait too long, however, and you may have to get a replacement tooth on top of a root canal.

When something happens that requires emergency dentist services; we are on the case. We have years of experience treating toothaches, chipped teeth, tooth loss, and more. We can help you relieve the pain and get you back to a happy smile in no time. That’s our promise: providing the best emergency dental care to the Somerville, MA area.