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When it comes to dental care, our pediatric dentist takes extra caution to ensure our younger patients are comfortable and at ease. Going to a pediatric dentist can be a nerve-wracking experience for children, and our goal is to ease that pain as best we can. Every child is as unique as their teeth and definitely shouldn’t be treated with a one-size-fits-all model. Children are constantly changing, after all, and that’s why we offer customized plans that change as they grow up.

Children’s Dental Health Excellence in Four Areas:

We truly believe that education is the best form of prevention at West Somerville Dental Associates. We educate your children through computer technology, models, and a child-friendly language that encourages learning. A children’s dentist should be fun, engaging and helpful- and we’re here to be just that.

Monitoring Growth
As your child grows, so too does their smile. As they grow up with us, we keep a close eye on those vulnerable teeth as they develop. A lot of dental issues can be spotted and avoided early on- which is why it’s important to continuously bring your child to our children’s dentistry. Growing up should be fun- let us worry about their teeth.

We can help stop those nasty infections and cavities before they begin, as well as educate your child on proper brushing habits. We even demonstrate how to brush and floss for even better habit forming.

As your child grows, it’s inevitable that there will be something they need extra help with. Oral injuries, misaligned bites, bruxism (teeth grinding) and more are all very real possibilities as our young one’s age. Never fear- we’re here to help get your child the best oral care possible and intervene when it becomes necessary.

Our Pediatric Dentistry is Excited to Grow With Your Child

We take pride in growing with your children in a fun, educational environment. If you’re looking for the best pediatric dentist in Somerville, MA, you have found it. When you’re ready, give us a call or schedule online. We can’t wait to meet our new patients.